Klwap | Dvdplay 2020 | Malayalam New Movies Download(HD)

Do you want to download Malayalam new movies? If yes then read this carefully about the Klwap 2020 also known as Dvdwap 2020.

I hope all of you know that due to the coronavirus disease all the theatres are closed all over India.

Stay safe in Home. To entertain watch Malayalam movies from the klwap website. Do you know? You can able to download new Tamil movies too from the dvdplay website.


In this article, I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the klwap website. To download Tamil movies 2020, navigate to the Tamil new movies section on the klwap website.

Actually, Klwap is created to provide only Malayalam movies but comparing to Tamil, Malayalam peoples are not downloading movies from the internet.

Klwap | Dvdplay – Malayalam & Tamil Movies 2020 Download

Kl means “Kerala”. Do you know? 19978 movie requests are placed on the website. The shocking truth is the website admin uploaded all the movies to the website.

You don’t need to worry about anything I mean security issues because of the website using a good advertisement company.

Alternate NameDvdplay
TypeMalayalam Movies
Extra FeatureTamil Movies

For safety measures, I suggest downloading only old Malayalam movies which means the movies released 3months ago.

According to my research, I found that the admin keeps updating new movies only on the Malayalam movies and Tamil movies category.


If you want your language movies section keep updated then share the website with your language peoples.

Once a lot of users started using a particular movie category then the admin will share new movies as soon as possible.

Why klwap is better than cinemavilla to download Malayalam movies?

There is no difference in design. Both websites are using good responsive theme to provide a better user experience.

Do you know? Klwap and Cinemavilla 2020 providing the same movies downloading categories. The difference is klwap uploading movies in HD quality.

You can able to get new movie updates via Telegram on both websites. You need to subscribe to the Telegram channel to get updates instantly.

When you request a Tamil or Malayalam movie on both of the websites, klwap will upload movies faster than cinemavilla.

If you are facing any issues in the klwap website then you can able to contact the admin via the contact page but it is not easy to contact the admin in the cinemavilla website because the website not providing the contact page.

How to download Malayalam movies fastly via klwap?

The only issue with the klwap and cinemavilla website is slow downloading speed. It is due to a lot of users are using the same website.

There is no other choice to download Malayalam movies. It’s not the user’s fault. I am going to share two tricks to download movies fastly.

Trick 1:

  • Visit the Seedr website and create a new account
  • You will get 2GB Free space
  • Paste the movie download link on the seedr website to transfer the files
  • Once the transfer is completed, download the movie via seedr

Trick 2:

  • Try to download movies via UC Browser
  • Pause and Resume the files once you are seeing low download speed

Actually, the trick can be used only on smartphones. UC Browser using advanced techniques such as changing the IP, getting new download links to speed up the download.

Note:- Don’t download movies with VPN because the VPN will slow down the download speed.

Do you know? Try to download movies with a VPN in UC Browser. Once the download is started, pause the download then disconnect the VPN and resume the download.

Hurrah! The download will start without a VPN. This trick is personally tested by me and works well. If you face any issues then please let me know via comments. I will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the alternatives to download New Malayalam Movies?

Klwap and Cinemavilla are the only two websites providing Malayalam movies. Tamilrockers also stopped sharing Malayalam movies. I don’t know what’s the reason?

How to hide fake download buttons in klwap?

You don’t want to mess up with fake download buttons then use the adblocker extension to hide all fake download buttons.

Final Thoughts

Only a few websites are providing Malayalam new movies so use the Klwap also known as the dvdplay website to download old and new movies. There is no way to download Malayalam movies other than the klwap website.

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